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  • 11:04:44 pm on June 7, 2010 | 0
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    I’ve arrived in Naples, but I obviously couldn’t help but keep MacRumors on to keep up to date with the WWDC keynote earlier today. I tried to find a live audio stream, which was successful right up until the keynote started – after which ustream just died. Oh well.

    Like I had thought, all of the time was spent on the iPhone and things related to it. The phone itself looks gorgeous:

    The new iPhone 4

    So naturally, I really am excited about it. The rumors regarding the higher resolution were true and the display looks gorgeous, but I guess I don’t care for that front-facing camera. Supposedly the idea is to video-call people, but it is only on wi-fi. What’s more, the video was laggy during the conference (Steve blames people for using the wi-fi bandwidth). It will probably be much worse on 3G.

    Aside from this complaint, I think the phone is a large improvement and will definitely be pre-ordered and in my hands by the end of the month!


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