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  • 02:21:40 am on June 7, 2010 | 0
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    Happy WWDC week! For the first time, the fanboy in me may be fully realized. I may stand in a line. I mean, I’m on vacation and why not! I’ve held out from buying the oversized iPod to get the new iPhone, which has basically been guaranteed by the media and even Apple.

    I guess there are some other great things coming too: Safari 5 and and a new Xcode. I think it makes sense to talk about Xcode as new developer tools for the iPad are quite overdue.  It’s about time the iPhone SDK be a bit more “branched out” for the HD branded device. Safari 5 is a big plus for the HTML 5 (coincidence) push as well. I think the other rumors involving the “cloud based iTunes” combined with Apple TV are fun, and I hope to hear about them at the keynote as well. I think a significant amount of time will be spent on an iPhone demo, with a little more OS 4 goodies like the camera software and iChat + video.

    I think we’ll also see quiet updates either this Tuesday or next Tuesday on the iPod Touch, with bigger flash memory. I expect the new iPhone OS 4 to be out on Monday afternoon, but the new iPhone will be for sale this Friday.

    I am on the fence – should I wait for the spoiler-free keynote stream or should I keep twitter on while on the road? Hmmm.


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