All Things Tarun

  • 12:38:59 am on June 10, 2010 | 0
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    Current annoyances in bulleted form:

    • The piña colada mixer by TGI Fridays tastes like antacid, rum, and sugar
    • People are not buying my iPhone (it’s for sale if you want to make me feel better!)
    • It’s really humid and hot here. So hot that the pool is lukewarm and the shower has no “cold” option
    • I’m not getting paid over the summer because I am not working, and yet I have no motivation to work a summer job because I want a decent vacation!
    • People post on event walls and on my iPhone I can’t view an event wall, so all I see is a notification and I feel like I’m missing out on something.
    • I am still on Facebook. I really need to begin the purge.
    • Jay Leno hosts the tonight show and his show is worthless. I miss Coco!
    • I bought this dark, extra bold coffee from Folgers. Don’t buy it. It tastes like smoke and death.
    • I’m working out again, and results aren’t immediate like they are when playing an RPG and gaining experience.
    • I can’t edit the CSS on this blog without paying money or taking time to figure out how to work MYSQL servers and create a website for it.

    But, to look on the bright side – I’m alive, I am loved, and there are still some good people out there.


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