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  • 04:37:42 pm on June 12, 2010 | 2
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    The democratic nominee for the senate for South Carolina is a man named Alvin Greene. Here’s a video interview of him on Countdown, and I think it speaks for itself how shady things are in that senate race:


    Now the scary part is that this video trended on Digg. And rather than everyone crying foul on this, some comments are quite disturbing:

    Alvin Greene presidential candidate 2012!!!!
    Green/Palin 2012 LOL baby LOL

    Now, this isn’t the first time that people make fun of something like this, so I don’t mean to overreact here. But this is a serious example of how screwed up things are in politics right now. The fact that the republican party could potentially be behind this by planting him in that spot makes it seem like there is no real control over who we vote for. And yet, he got 60% of the vote. Perhaps because of people laughing at the idea of him winning? Or is it the republicans purposefully voting for him in the primary and then letter Greene get his butt kicked later? That’s not democracy.

    Please, if you have any sanity, South Carolina, you will rectify this situation by petitioning against him being on the ballot.



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