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    This piece talks mainly about how Boycotting BP is really useless. And I agree with most of the points, and also would like to say that many of the franchise owners that are from seemingly privately owned companies are actually pulling oil from the gulf that BP is pumping. So if you try running to them, you aren’t boycotting BP at all, you are just not getting it straight from the source. For instance, Sam’s club gets oil from there as well.

    Also, why boycott a franchised business anyway? People are really hurting because of people who think they are doing something “righteous” by boycotting BP gas. The people who own the franchised gas stations are trying to make a living and are sell to you at a set price by BP and other oil company standards and aren’t rolling in dough really, unless they own several in great locations.

    Bottom line is that this boycotting thing isn’t the answer. If you really want to help, help out with the cleanup efforts or support charities that accept donations (but be careful about who you donate to!)

    boycotting BP? Pretty much everyone is REALLY ANGRY about the ongoing BP oil volcano deep in the Gulf of  Mexico.  I’m angry too.  But when lots of people start calling for a boycott of BP, I get off the boat. Or  oil rig. Or whatever.  Boycotting BP just won’t work. For one t … Read More

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    I doubt BP was in good financial condition before the oil rig explosion and its subsequent leakage. Yeah, if they’re actually going to legitimately contain and clean the spill so as to remove the oil from the water (however unlikely), they’re going to need money that they likely do not have. BP had better generate some positive publicity and had better start asking for money from The UK, or something. The cost of this is inconceivable.

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