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  • 12:00:25 pm on June 17, 2010 | 0
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    So, why were pre-orders so awesome for Apple’s new iPhone? There’s definitely more than just one simple reason:

    • The design including the display really hooked people on — people like the idea of easier reading and a brushed aluminum, thinner approach.
    • Families who want to use Facetime need multiple iPhone 4’s to do so.
    • AT&T gave people a huge incentive to upgrade their phone by giving people upgrade pricing up to six months in advance of a contract expiry, some even more months ahead if they have been selling their souls to AT&T (my family included).
    • The technical specs themselves are much better, with a 1Ghz processor.
    • It’s an Apple product, and there is always as much hype as there is the percentage of cost (that is, 20x hype = 20% more expensive than the competition!)
    • Steve knows how to sell a product to people. Sometimes I wonder how average Joe’s catch a glimpse of keynotes and what they think about it, not being necessarily “Apple” oriented. I think the brief news coverage the phone gets really captures Steve at a peak of presentation, and that has a lot to do with the sales as well.
    • Finally, the fact that the servers crashed may even have something to do with it. Think about it — if you wanted something and then saw 100s of others want it too, you want it even more!

    So it is no surprise, nor is it a disaster, that Apple got strained by over 600k people pre-ordering a phone. It should also be little surprise people lined up to pre-order. It’s Apple and their excellent marketing and design and everything else that goes with that revolution.


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