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  • 12:33:20 pm on June 19, 2010 | 0
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    Redwall is a fantastic book series, and I’m glad to have stopped by the Barnes and Nobels book store to find that a new book, the Sable Quean, was released. I dropped the large sum of money on it, but really — who pays more than $20 for paper literature anymore unless it is for school? Anyway, the book is gripping me even in the first few pages and I’m excited to keep going with it.

    I remember when I used to read the older books when I was in high school and even younger. They are mainly geared towards younger audiences. The stories are basically centered around a group of critters/animals (think squirrels, rats, mice, badgers) who are personified warriors of large land mass. In particular, each story centers around one critter in particular, who is usually the protagonist against some evil antagonist foe, usually a rat. It sounds pretty silly at first – animals fighting each other in an epic adventure setting – but it is really entertaining and bends the imagination. I especially enjoy the parts when they talk about puzzles and there is a parallel story to the fighting regarding some mythical treasure or lost item. Brian Jaques, the author of the series, is extremely good at coming up with poems and songs (“ditties”) that the animals use to find hidden areas.

    If you want to jump into the series, definitely start with the first of the series, Redwall. Then if you enjoy it, try out Mossflower, Mattimeo, and Outcast of Redwall. These are all some of my favorites, but literally every book I’ve gone through from start to finish.


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