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    Since I’m on the subject of soccer, here are some ideas I have that would propel the sports into becoming a regular, network televised sporting event that would make more of the United States interested in participating:

    • Networks need to get over the fact that soccer doesn’t take breaks. Sorry NBC/ABC/CBS, but if you can’t afford to have two 45 minute blocks of uninterrupted gameplay for more than one game a weekend, then no one will ever watch the sport. Yes many have cable and even HD is becoming popular, but the big networks are the way things become mainstream.
    • Americans need to learn why “instant gratification” and “high offense” isn’t what sports is all about. Football has touchdowns almost every quarter. Games that don’t look like it was “terribly played” (exceptions are ones that are weather related difficulties). Baseball is sometimes low scoring but typically all offense, all the time. Soccer is a largely defensive sport where the thrill is in the incredible saves, wonderful ball handling and supurb skill.

    Before you cry foul and cite hockey, you should know that hockey has a smaller “pitch”, much faster paced gameplay and breaks in between. And also hockey suffers the same problems as soccer so this is somewhat a moot point to come up with (and perhaps can learn from the same lessons as soccer)

    • America needs to participate in other “cups” and games that need to be televised with the same passion as the world cup. There’s the premier league championship, the UEFA, etc. America should find ways to create new tournaments or participate in others. And ESPN needs to show vested interest in order for money to come out of America with interest.
    • The MLS needs rebranding. The MLS needs to work together with state governments to promote how the sport can be monetized and how brands like Nike and Adidas can join up to really propel the league into national recognition. And the MLS also needs to start being more involved with the other leagues in the world so they can learn how tournaments are created and how marketing works. Just bringing in stars like Beckham will not work without other stars and “rivalries” like there are shaping up to be in the current World Cup.

    Those are just a few, but could be more that could help.



  • Steve 11:27 pm on June 23, 2010 | # | Reply

    I’d also add: Get rid of ties. Americans hate seeing sporting events end in a tie. Every sport should always have a winner and a loser.

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