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  • 11:22:39 pm on June 24, 2010 | 0
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    Sorry to those who have antenna issues with their new iPhone. I too also notice the signal drop, but at first I didn’t. I have to literally grasp the bottom and hold it, but if I hold it like I normally hold a phone (three fingers on left and thumb on right) then I don’t experience the signal problem. Also, the bumper really does help and I think that was the intent. However, the bumper really inhibits the silent switch and docking to anything, which can be a deal-breaker.

    Courtesy of germanjulian on Flickr

    It’s very flushed in there so you can only reach it with a finger nail or tip of the index finger. Fat fingers have no chance on flipping the switch. Also, the dock will not actually work with the bumper on, contrary to popular belief. Even the headphone jack takes a form factor harkening to the original iPhone

    Courtesy of

    But if these things plus the dock annoyances don’t bother you, definitely pick this or some case up in order to kill two birds (protection and call quality) with one stone.


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