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  • 11:13:51 am on June 24, 2010 | 0

    The iPhone 4 is a large leap from the first iPhone in terms of display quality, camera quality and speed. This phone really looks and feels like how the iPhone should be. I’m going to break it down in a few sections here and mainly be comparing to a 3GS.

    Device/Hardware: The device is heftier, especially with a bumper case. The bumper case provides good protection and makes the phone easier to hold in hand. The glass on the back and front smudge easily, especially with the humidity nowadays. The camera and front facing camera look well hidden in the black casing. The buttons are very stiff on first use, especially with the home button. It is noticeably “clickier” indeed.

    Display: Right away, you can see a difference. The fonts and icons look smoother and the screen brightness almost makes it seem like you are looking at a HD TV screen. The fonts in the messages app look particularly compelling, as they look more spaced out and easier to read. The animations between screens are smoother and the phone draws graphics faster with less lag.

    Camera: In a word, this camera is a triumph. It takes some of the best quality video I’ve seen on a mobile device, let alone any camera at all. The camera quality is apparent when synced into iPhoto or on your computer — the video takes up the whole screen without needing maximization and the quality is crystal clear.

    I took two videos, one in low light and one in high light (outside):
    Inside Video
    In this video, you can see how it looks grainier but still very bright. The macro performance is still very high and the colors are pretty well represented. The quality may leave a lot to be desired but it does get the job done.
    Outside Video
    This video shows how truly remarkable the video quality is. Check out the sounds and hear the birds and the wind rustle through the quality mic. Also, I took a macro shot which really shows how “tap to zoom” works. Again, this video shows how well this will replace any small HD camera.

    Network Strength: A lot of people have been saying that “holding” the phone a certain way will cause the signal reception to gradually decrease. I could only replicate this slightly — I think the bumper case definitely helps remediate the issue. Overall, call quality is better and I can see signal strength improved in areas where I previously had none. Also, network speed is fast in rendering web pages. All in all, no complains.

    Speed: I tested this by playing a few games and checking out. Games that are optomized for iPhone 4 look gorgeous. For example, check out “Cro Mag Rally”, which has HD graphics and quality controls. Web pages also render with incredible speed and the display quality is gorgeous.

    Bumper Case: I am very pleased with the case and surprised at it’s quality. It has buttons on top of the case that depress the buttons associated with it underneath. The catch is that the “silent switch” is annoyingly tucked in to the case, so you’ll need to use your finger tip. This makes for a more “deliberate” movement to turn the phone silent, whereas in the old case you could flick it with your finger in your pocket. Women will probably have a better time with this. Only black ones were available but black looks very nice on the phone. I may get a blue one later and sell this one when the demand dies down.

    Overall: I’ll be posting more impressions throughout the day, but initially this is a fantastic phone. I am really happy with the investment and I’m sure Apple will have their work cut out for them (let alone the competition) to top this one. The display alone makes this upgrade worth it, but the camera is something to truly marvel at. The phone will only get better as app creators catch up by updating the graphics to HD quality. Currently, apps that are not made for the phone have pixilated icons, even, so expect to see some pixilated results in some applications (like many free, outdated apps).


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