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  • 05:36:38 pm on June 27, 2010 | 0
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    What do the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the NBA have in common? Okay, so the NBA may have thrown you off – but consider the iconic song opening that lots of sports fans are familiar with:


    This song (preceded, incidentally, by “On the Run” by Pink Floyd) and many others were produced and written by Alan Parsons, an sound engineer, musician, and amazing backstage man to the Beatles and Pink Floyd. I recently discovered his groupie band, the Alan Parsons Project. His music has a lot of heavy Pink floyd music, but also is infused with some 80s hair rock and a little dash of the really breakout 80s hits that everyone knows (think: “Rosanna“). The band actually has some really good tunes, in particular from the album Eye in the Sky, which has a lot of dark but awesome guitar work in it. Check it out below:


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