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  • 12:28:56 am on July 1, 2010 | 0
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    Boost 3D is featured on iTunes “The Best Games You’ve Never Played” list on the app store, so I picked it up because I thought it could bring some nostalgia like the calculator “fall down” game and tunnel games I’d play in math class.


    This game is a barrel of fun. You just use the accelerometer to move around this fast paced, hard obstacle tunnel that shape shifts as the game progresses. It gets hard pretty quick — similar to cube runner on a higher difficulty. There are “boosts” in the game so that you can break through the walls easier, but they are pretty tough to get to as the speed increases and room runs out.

    I think it could use levels and some breaks in the action, so I can feel rewarded for getting a little further in. Maybe some power ups or the ability to have extended “boosts”. Other than that, this game is worth the 2 dollars and will be in your frequently played app folder (if you have one) soon.


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