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    Archetype made it’s debut during the iPhone 4 keynote as the first, polished multiplayer online FPS experience for the iPhone. The project itself sounded ambitious. But, they pull it off and remarkably well. Here’s the opening intro video:


    In the team deathmatch lobby, you can switch your server or veto a map based on majority of votes. Teams are maxed out at 5 vs. 5. Any more than that and the server would probably lag. As it stands, there is little to no lag on the servers, even on 3G. I play on my iPhone 4, so your milage my vary.

    The numbers show pings of players.

    During gameplay, movement can be difficult to figure out at first. There is a toggle for joystick usage and I personally keep mine off as they are pretty distracting. You move the left thumb side to control movement and the right thumb side to control where your player looks. Firing is by tapping the screen, and you can use both thumbs to rapid fire. The graphics are surprisingly high quality for a phone, which is immediately evident in the intro video and menu screens. The force feed-back when getting hit or firing your gun is a great touch. There are several weapons to choose from and they can be hot swapped by running up to them and touching the corner of the HUD. The weapons range from sniper rifle (3-4 good hits to kill), machine gun, and a broad axe (one hit instant kill). Additionally, there are two types of grenades: a frag grenade and a large area frag grenade. Mastering the usage of both of these weapons will rack up kills quickly. The downside to grenades and heavy machine guns is when team mates are in the same vicinity as enemies: team attacking is enabled. There are many times where I will kill teammates on accident simply because they are running in the line of fire.

    Stunning graphics and simple HUD

    Shoot by tapping the screen.

    If I had to point out a negative (and I do), I’d say the game really drains the battery and makes the phone incredibly hot. Like frying an egg variety. Obviously the graphics are intense and the combination of using the force feedback and high quality sound through a speaker phone doesn’t help alleviate battery issues. I suggest using headphones to curb that at least one of the battery drainers. If you can enjoy the game without it, turn off the vibrations as well. Finally, using a wi-fi connection will probably help for extended gameplay (which you’ll easily end up doing!).

    In all, this is a triumph for the iPhone gameplay and a great first attempt at a decent multiplayer experience. Hopefully new updates include support for the gyroscope and better managed battery life (or at least turning down the heat).



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