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  • 07:19:49 pm on July 16, 2010 | 0
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    Steve dropped the bomb today to iPhone owners – everyone gets a free bumper case until 9/30 and there will even be free offers on other cases beginning next week. If you bought a bumper you’ll still get credit back (as a gift card I suppose).

    I think this definitely shows that Jobs and co. know now how bad the issue is. Although they don’t use bumpers themselves, they are in a strong signaled Cupertino area and probably all own a microcell anyway. So yes, the antenna issue is a problem and if you have mid to weak reception, pick up your free case and it will help. I rarely experience drops with a bumper myself.

    Apple is no stranger to the recall concept (iPhone charger) or the subsidy concept (refund for iPhone users who adopted early) They care to make sure customers maintain that all time highest satisfaction rating they get year in and year out with AppleCare. This will definitely help with customer loyalty and respect, but it was far too long coming. Consumer Reports had to first really take a stand before action came 2-3 days later.

    A couple of people I was with remarked Steve Jobs as a prick and I tend to agree when it comes to his big statements. But, you can’t deny the numbers or brand loyalty he has amassed. Until the competitor (read: Android phones) can come out with a phone that has the best OS and hardware in one, this little debacle is only a small smear on a large white cloth of domination.


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