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  • 08:29:56 pm on July 19, 2010 | 0
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    Apple has now come clean, next week free cases for all, and it seems that the media hype is slowly dissipating. Any doubt in Apple’s ability to deliver a great product and generate customer satisfaction will most likely be killed when the earnings conference call ends tomorrow, which has shown a strong growth trend despite a downturned economy.

    I think now we can start looking forward to other things, so here is a couple of predictions based on some facts we’ve heard thrown around:

    • The rumblings of a “magic trackpad” are true and we should expect to see the device released by the time the holiday season rolls around. The magic mouse was released on 10/20/2009, so we can expect the debut for that device to be in late October.
    • iOS 4.1 will include a software patch for connectivity issues, proximity sensor problems and the game center in its budding form. Developers of games like Archetype will already have the network implemented into their game at launch and we can expect the software add-on to be a big hit, particularly if voice chat (and maybe video chat) goes big.
    • iTunes 10 will be released in September along with a new iPod touch model and iPad model. iTunes 10 will include subscription based content as well as syncing within the cloud, but only for music. Movies and TV will not sync over the air until a later update due to licensing restrictions. The iPod touch and iPad will include a front facing camera mainly for facetime calling, but also for heavy use with the game center. The iPhone will not see a major refresh of hardware until after the holiday rush.

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