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  • 07:20:09 am on July 19, 2010 | 0
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    I think things rationally and take my time with decisions. I think it is important to always look before you leap. We live in a world where decisions are made with a flick of a switch or a press of a button. There are little to no ramifications to our decisions due to the complexity of what happens afterward. With decisions of smaller complexity, there is also the consequences that aren’t as severe and almost unimportant in a grander scheme.

    There are aspects of my practiced religion, Hinduism, that support rationality strongly. Rationality is inherent in the idea of Karma. Karma is a fair, unbiased approach. It has weights on the outcomes that happen due to decisions influenced by karma. At least, that is how I interpret it. For example, you could do so many good things for people, but murdering someone sets it all back…or at least hits you pretty hard. This resonates with me. But in some ways I can see this as making me dispassionate for those who have committed a wrong. I see it as something they had “coming to them” or “inevitable” because of their Karma.

    So, the religious, spiritual part of me is looking at the theorizing, rational part of me as a mirror image, or two sides of the same coin.


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