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  • 08:17:12 pm on July 23, 2010 | 0
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    When TouchArcade first mentioned that a Tower Defense style game that is based off of Star Wars is coming soon, it reminded me of Star Wars: Empire At War. I had a lot of fun with that game because I got to be a commander of a thousand ships and even control characters like Darth Vader against rebel armies. It isn’t as immersive as other Star Wars games, like the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, but it definitely had it’s moments of enjoyment when I first played it. Now, Star Wars: Battle of Hoth brings the same joy I once had to the iPhone. The game is the same idea as other tower defense or command and conquer style games: build an army with money you have and fend off attackers. A Tower Defense style game essentially includes a “finish line” for the enemies and you are supposed to stop them before they get there. This makes for a challenge with small levels and little money at first…or so it would seem.

    An ion cannon gets the job done.

    The game has two levels of difficulty, easy (extremely easy) and normal (easy). There are 15 levels in all and they get increasingly harder but also more and more monotonous. Given the small screen and usual types of strategy you can deploy, the game leaves a lot to be desired. It is easy to quickly amass an army that can stay as it is the rest of the level, and there is no real need to evolve your troops as time goes on. I only did some upgrades because I was bored and had loads of money to spend. The seemingly massive maps are pointless if there is only two entrances enemies can come from, as then you can just build some ion cannons at those entrances. Not only are the maps massive but the amount of enemies is almost too many given how easy they are to beat. Ideally you would have only 10 really long waves of enemies that had so many hit points that you needed protection throughout the whole map, rather that just the first fourth.

    But the biggest give away to the user is the ability to dig trenches. The only enemies that can plow through them are AT-ATs, and they too are so easy to beat that your trenches stay in tact 95% of the time. Trenches make it so the enemies must travel all the way around them, so you could make a pac-man maze for them to figure out. Though, again, there isn’t much figuring out because the enemies end up getting killed within moments after a few ion cannon shots.

    AT-ATs! Too bad they are so slow and weak.

    All in all, there was incentive to beat the game only as a Star Wars geek, but the game wouldn’t be worth it to someone who wants a challenge from a game.


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