All Things Tarun

  • 11:33:23 pm on July 24, 2010 | 0
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    Since I’ve gotten Handy Light, I only have used it to show off. Other than that I have basically kept it on my phone for safe keeping. It makes me want to get an iPad or something now that I can share a connection. Actually if you get an iPad, can you create a network on it? Hmm.

    GunRange received an update which is fantastic and made the game easier to play by getting rid of those stupid dummies they used that took 4 shots or really accurate fire to kill. The game is way more enjoyable now that I can actually unlock weapons.

    Apparently Sporcle has an app now. That website is so super addicting that I find it hard to believe I have time to do anything else these days. Great for parties too.

    The AccuWeather app was really buggy but they fixed it, so it is back to being my favorite weather app.

    I really wish the Notes app that comes with the iPhone would let you use other fonts without a roundabout workaround by using Chinese characters first.


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