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    I finally got around to seeing Inception after witnessing all of the hype that was illustrated by Twitter and Facebook. It is unfortunate that I was exposed to that kind of viral marketing though, because I feel it ultimately caused me to feel it wasn’t “as awesome as everyone says”. However, it was very entertaining and definitely worth renting and checking out (or randomly strolling to see at some point).

    I’m going to try to not spoil the movie, but if you know nothing about the movie at all, stop now if you want to keep it that way.

    Potential spoilers ahead —

    I’ve never personally had a dream within a dream that was as vivid as they describe. Usually, I’ll have one dream and then wake up to find myself briefly in another dream, only to wake up “shortly afterward”. The perception of time in dreams being some consistent algorithm didn’t seem to make sense, but I suppose there could be some general heuristic one could apply to objectively measure the flow of time in the dream state.

    I also found it odd that the knowledge of the person knowing they are in a dream didn’t really help them “bend the world” to their will as one would think. For example, why walk through doors or bother dealing with having any projections at all? If projections are needed and dreams have to simulate reality, then how would we know if we aren’t dreaming at all? The concept of having a “totem”, or a device that confirms the existence of a dream state, also seems to be a moot point if a dream can be anything the imagination wishes to come up with. It is just as easy that someone could dream the correct operation of a totem and thus never really know what is real or not (the perhaps central paradox of the film).

    Another interesting concept was the fact that people HAD to adhere to the principles of gravity. Why is it that just because you are falling in reality it means you must also fall in the dream world? Put in another way, why do the characters, knowing that they are dreaming, continue to play along with gravity at all?

    — end spoilers

    Special effects were stunning and imaginative. The music was consistent with any Nolan film, and reminded me a lot of the new Batman movies. Overall a well conceived idea (or one planted with inception??) and worthy of watching, but maybe not at the theatre.



  • Nik 12:11 pm on August 5, 2010 | # | Reply


    The projections only have to simulate reality if you’re trying to extract information from somebody, so they don’t realize it’s a dream. If you entered shared dream space just for funsies, you could do whatever you want (that’s what Mal and Dom did in their own personal dream world that they build together) without repercussion.

    • Nik 12:12 pm on August 5, 2010 | # | Reply

      *the dreams only have to simulate reality

      Yeah, regarding projections, they happen because you can’t control them. They reflect the subconscious (i.e. you can’t just will them out of existence)

  • Tarun 12:40 pm on August 5, 2010 | # | Reply

    On the one hand you say that projections are only needed in one circumstance, and on the other you say they can’t be controlled. So it seems they could happen in multiple circumstances.

    In the case of Mal and Dom, there may have been some projections in that of the two kids.

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