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  • 12:03:07 pm on August 14, 2010 | 0
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    Guys, Tiger Woods is not the most awesome golfer in the world anymore … he’s human and has emotions and — get this — he can have a bad year. Let’s NOT make every tournament about “Can Tiger make a run?” or “Where did Tiger go wrong” or “What is wrong with the swing?”

    Or trying to find places to blame (in some cases) other than his affairs, i.e. new putter, new driver, etc. The fact is that his game has taken a dive and he may take some time to recover.

    Philly Mick, Cink, Yang and many others are becoming the faces of golf and we should welcome the diversity if we want the sport to survive. Else, we’ll be back to the same old days where golf doesn’t matter as long as there is no Prodigal Son for the sport.


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