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  • 11:28:10 am on August 27, 2010 | 0
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    There has been a large influx of news in the Apple world because of the recent announcement of a media event at the Moscone center. This is a typical move in early September, which also signals a refresh of the iPod lineup. Frequent Apple shoppers will note that this signals the end of the back-to-school special, so make sure you get your laptop with free (older) iPod before it is too late!

    There are multiple sources pointing to a new iPod touch with a front facing camera that facetime’s over Wi-fi. We also have heard rumblings of a smaller touch-screen device, indicating a new iPod nano or perhaps an iPod shuffle? I am more inclined to believe in an iPod nano getting a refresh, since the shuffle look hasn’t changed in years and has been the staple workout device for those who do not need a screen.

    Another main rumor is the iTunes cloud. Personally I have no need to move all of my music to a cloud as this means streaming and dependence on a connection to listen to my own music library. However, people are excited for the possibility of never needing to download the content at all. Perhaps one can download a movie from iTunes and forever owning it across multiple devices. But the cloud does not necessarily guarantee that Apple will loosen the reigns that much. It is more likely that the cloud ushers in a new age of mobile devices (iPhone 5?) with little hard drives but faster connection speeds with LTE. This will make streaming much more of a reality. 3G speeds actually are not terrible but are unreliable.

    With the cloud rumor comes iTV, a cloud based TV streaming service that will revamp the current Apple TV model. As it stands, you download TV (or subscribe to a season of TV) to your Mac and then share the information over the air to an Apple TV which connects to an actual TV. Of course, what is the point of having another device at all? So, Apple may answer this by making the iTV basically a Mac Mini that is already a media server right out of the box. It does not sound revolutionary, but the idea can be combined with a cheaper subscription service for TV to create a solid competitor to cable TV as we know it.

    One set of news dear to my heart is Netflix on iPhone. While I am not convinced that watching movies on a small device is my goal, I know that I’ll enjoy TV shows on the go via instant streaming.

    In all, this sets up quite a good Christmas pipeline for $AAPL, and I hope to see what these rumors foretell on September 3rd!


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