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  • 07:49:36 pm on August 29, 2010 | 0
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    School is starting up and thus begins my senior year of college. It is going to be a busy one:

    1. I am taking some great courses this fall semester: neuropsychology of language, philosophy of film and art, and philosophy of space and time. Sure I have to take a second semester of Spanish, but at this point we have a love-hate relationship.
    2. I am chair of next year’s Midwestern Undergraduate Cognitive Science Conference (new website coming eventually!). This year I hope to bring many more people and representatives from more schools. Indiana is a great place for cogsci, and I think we should definitely see some interest in this year’s conference.
    3. I still have my job with UITS as a consultant supervisor. I’ll be working 16-20 hours a week but will continue to do projects with them on the side. I love the job and wouldn’t want any other job on campus =)
    4. I am going to complete an undergraduate honors thesis through the cognitive science program! It is going to be quite a journey but I think with dedication and faith this can definitely be done. Hopefully I can get some support from people in the lab as well as my professor I work with.

    All the while still blogging things technology, life, religion, and whatever else comes to mind. Woo!


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