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  • 01:28:27 am on September 1, 2010 | 0
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    It makes sense Apple would want to live-stream the event. During WWDC, Steve Jobs experienced some aggravating technical difficulties due to the slew of people live-blogging the event. With a live-stream, it is likely that either a) Steve will require all devices to be turned off or b) the amount of live bloggers will be decreased anyway, as Apple usurped their key process.

    @arnoldkim tweeted that the live-stream won’t hold up, and I agree — especially since Apple has posted the event on the homepage. However, if it does hold up there is a great argument for Apple’s live streaming capability over its new ‘cloud’ (in its new data center?).

    Many have in general wondered how this affects the live blogging community. I (and others like @jsnell) believe that this opens the door for more commentary and analysis, and gives great power to those who video blog alongside the event, like TWiT.

    Here’s to a more accessible future of Apple keynotes!


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