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  • 02:41:55 pm on September 2, 2010 | 0
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    In this article of the Social Senate reblogged below, he mentions that Ping seems like a solid bet at first but also mentions that many other technologies, like Google Wave, seemed to be promising but ended up failing miserably. Is this a valid comparison? It seems to me that Google Wave’s fall was due to poor advertising and lack of understanding of the service. Ping has a pretty obvious agenda with strong advertising via Apple’s website and some ads later on, perhaps.

    However, I agree that just slapping an Apple branding onto a service will not necessarily guarantee success. For this to kick off, I point out in my previous post on the event itself that Facebook and Twitter must be an extension to the service.

    ‘Ping’ – Promising or Problematic? Not content with revolutionising the MP3 and mobile markets, along with creating some of the most iconic and desirable consumer products of the 21st Century, Apple has now turned its Midas touch to the social media sphere.  But will the oddly named ‘Ping’ network prove to be another runaway success for Steve Jobs et al, or is this a step too far for Apple’s all-consuming tentacles? Read More

    via The Social Senate


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