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  • 12:46:23 am on September 4, 2010 | 0
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    So far I’ve been plugged into “Ping” the past few days…and I think I need a user’s manual. I tried to go to Apple’s website, and here’s some literature:

    Follow your favorite artists with a click and become part of their inner circle.

    I searched for R.E.M., Pink Floyd, Andrew Bird, The Decemberists, Wolfmother, the Offspring … it isn’t MY fault that I searched for bands spanning 5 decades of music and found nothing at all.

    Okay, let me try finding my friends!

    And Facebook is nowhere on Ping, either. Currently, there is no linking, sharing or participation of any kind with Facebook–or Twitter or MySpace–on Ping, which will work only on the iTunes software on computers, iPhones and iPods. (via Kara Swisher)

    Oh… this will be a lot harder then. I guess I’ve heard of two to three people that are using it, but am I really going to go through my whole contacts list to find people? Apple: making me do work so that you can ultimately make money is not going to work. If the business model is for me to hunt down my friends and strike unlucky 10 times in a row for finding my artists, Ping will be just a useless button on my iTunes like Radio.

    Well okay, at least my two or three friends who DO use Ping are listening to some songs that I can be recommended to check out?

    false advertising

    False! It turns out that I only see top charts, or any recommendations for that matter, if my friends purchased the music from iTunes. Not music that was highly rated, last played, or most listened to.

    In general, the theme here is: Ping is a crippled service and a gigantic advertisement for (some) artists and iTunes. And so far I’m not buying.


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