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  • 10:43:06 pm on October 18, 2010 | 0
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    I’m starting to look ahead in my life, as I am going to be once again aging another year (by the grace of God). I have a few options going into the future, but not really sure where to go:

    1. I have an interview with the MSIS program here this week. The integration of business aspects with IT definitely seems like a powerful skill set to have moving into the next few years, and I think my skills in project management could really help me succeed in this area.
    2. I want to meet with the HCI program through the Informatics school. I think HCI is another up and coming field that will definitely define advances in technology in general over the next decade. Especially when it comes to smart phones, cloud computing, and Web 2.0. A lot of people dog on Informatics, as it isn’t has “hard” of a discipline as the counterpart, computer science. I think there is a useful place for both disciplines, and having both has complements serves as a useful partnership.
    3. I am trying to find jobs straight out of college, but the options seem thin and sparse. People focus on the wrong things — GPA, test scores, the like. What happened to old fashioned experience? I am hoping that I’m wrong and that there are more qualified people in the world. The job search reminds me of applying to colleges — you against a million others all for the same few positions.

    And they said senior year was easy!


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