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  • 12:21:59 am on October 26, 2010 | 0
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    This week’s football was possibly the craziest set of outcomes in games we have ever seen. Yes, some were predictable, but in general we learned a lot about our NFL teams:

    • Atlanta has a ridiculously high powered offense, but terrible defense. The Bengels can be the real deal when pressured, but in general have never had the fight in them to make them a winning team.
    • Miami at home is incredible and Pittsburgh is clearly fallible, even with Big Ben at the helm.
    • Buffalo can play football!
    • Cleveland can play football!
    • Cutler is truly overrated.
    • New England can still play clutch football, and the Chargers can still throw away games.
    • Denver’s defense needs a lot of work. Sorry Oakland, but you aren’t getting credit that easily.
    • Aaron Rodgers proved he is the new face of Green Bay, and Brett really needs to retire.

    And finally,

    • Dallas will never amount to a superbowl with the coaching staff they have. What a waste of talent.

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