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  • 03:33:17 pm on November 17, 2010 | 0
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    I don’t get it: Flash has to have either been a terrible thing for computers, or somehow Adobe made it worse. I remember when the internet was first being born, Flash was a big deal. In particular, was the place to go for games, and websites like were the crown of the internet. Now because of Apple’s spat against Adobe, the internet collectively breathes a sigh whenever the word Flash is even mentioned!

    There are quite a few things Flash can do that HTML5 doesn’t do or doesn’t support yet. Maybe HTML5 will, but the standard won’t even be set until 2022. By then, who knows where Flash will be?

    Yes, Flash is truly a back-breaker on mobile devices. I noticed all the time my laptop’s battery is cut in half and my fan wants to call the ambulance. But, should we be jumping ship? ANY video type on the internet — HTML5, WebM, h.264… — will kill battery life. It is the nature of a process intensive activity. When we stop using Flash, we’ll only start complaining about the efficacy of another service. Then what?

    The point is two fold:

    • Adobe: Get to researching and take up Apple’s challenge instead of countering their complaints. They are pretty valid concerns and you should look into fixing them.
    • Internet: Quit giving Flash crap — any process intensive service on the internet will do the same thing to battery life and temperature.

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