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  • 06:38:54 pm on December 15, 2010 | 0
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    12.14 — Sixth Circuit rules that the government needs a warrant to search your email (via @engadget)

    12.14 — IBM’s Watson supercomputer will play Jeopardy! on 2/14, 2/15, 2/16, feat. Ken Jennings

    12.14 — Beautiful visualization of @Facebook using R: #socialnetworking #statistics

    12.12 — If @Facebook had built in face-recognition software that allowed you to take a picture of someone and friend them, how would you feel?

    12.09 — WikiLeaks used to stand for freedom of speech, but now some have gone too far — It’s 4Chan took over the site. #fb

    12.08 — The most popular road-trip song is … (via @Wired)

    12.08 — RT @MUCSC: The 3rd #MUCSC will be held @IUBloomington on April 2nd/3rd, 2011. Register today on our website:

    12.04 — I’m pretty much addicted to “Let’s Golf 2” for the #iPhone

    12.02 — Funny way to get a cheating girlfriend’s attention (via @reddit)

    12.01 — #Reeder has made an app for #Mac now, and if you already use the #iPhone app, this is the perfect #RSS combo.

    12.01 — Recommended by @derekquinn, this is a must listen @scifri #podcast from ’93 discussing the internet:


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