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  • 01:15:14 pm on December 29, 2010 | 0
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    Macworld publishes this article on how Time Machine is
    not good enough anymore:

    Since its introduction
    as part of OS X 10.5 Leopard in 2007, Time Machine has given Mac
    users an easy way to back up and restore files. From the beginning,
    though, Time Machine’s design has made it less than ideal for
    certain backup needs (see “Is Time Machine all you need?”). As time
    has passed, backup products have evolved. How does Time Machine
    compare to the competition today?

    I am a huge
    advocate for TM, as it finally provides an easy, intuitive solution
    to something that people often scour away from out of fear of
    technology. It is simple: plug it in, turn it on and live your
    normal computing life. but Kissell notes a few shortcomings. For
    one, TM is not “transparent,” or it does not show in detail what is
    being backed up at any given moment. But why would anyone care to
    know? Most of the time, TM does its thing when users are sleeping.
    However one good point does come out of this problem that Kissell
    notes: why is there so little customization?
    What if I only want weekly backups? Perhaps an “advanced mode”
    would be a nice feature. Another Issue Kissell raises is with the
    lack of off-site storage. The real problem is the lack of fast,
    huge off-line storage included. If I use TM, I want my backup to
    sync with a large iDisk every week, say, without me doing anything.
    If I wish to restore from backup, I can use my HDD or use the
    cloud. Perhaps this is what the mysterious data center will
    bring… Above all, while ere may be alternatives available for
    people to use, TM is free if you have the HDD handy. No monthly
    charge, no price up front. This is ultimately what matters. Yes, I
    have MobileMe now, but I am not cuff linked to the service. This
    may also be a strong use of a data center.


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