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  • 03:01:51 pm on January 2, 2011 | 0
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    Jim Irsay is having a contest that lasts until about 5:30pm. There is a particular Toyota Prius parked outside the Lucas Oil Stadium, stuffed with footballs of different sizes. How many footballs are there?

    I took a very mathematical approach. The football is actually a Prolate Spheroid, who’s volume is 4/3*pi*a^2*b, where a is the is radius at the equator and b is the polar radius (from one end of the football to the center). Based on some research, a=4.45 inches and b=5.5 inches. The volume of a Prius is 100.23 cubic feet. So, next I calculated the volume of a football in cubic inches and then converted it to cubic feet. This turned out to be .264 cubic feet. Finally, take the total volume of the Prius and divide it by the volume of one football.

    I calculated 380.3 footballs, but I answered 375. However, Irsay said that some of the footballs may be much smaller. So one may want to guess a little higher than this.

    Wish me luck!


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