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  • 07:26:09 pm on January 10, 2011 | 0
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    It seems clear that a VSW iphone is inevitable, but the data plan options are still up in the air. Many blogs and pundits seem committed to the return of unlimited data for the masses. If this is true, should we expect anything from AT&T? No. For one, demand is still high in the sky for both the iPhone and iPad. Only if the market indicates a Verizon unlimited plan is the better option will AT&T change their ways.

    Do you jump ship? No. AT&T, as slow as it may be, has the most comprehensive coverage in the nation, and still expanding. Yes Verizon has 4G/LTE, but AT&T is upgrading. In places where wireless is terrible, AT&T is offering free wi-fi.

    And the real kicker – the GSM chip. CDMA is like Sony’s memory stick: incompatible with everything else. If you have even remote plans to leave the US, say good bye to using your iPhone.

    If you have VSW, by all means go for it. It is the best phone on the market with a thriving ecosystem around it. The loser in all of this isn’t AT&T, it is Android.


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