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  • 07:35:20 pm on January 12, 2011 | 0
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    A spokesperson from Verizon claims that a CDMA version of the ipad will be released soon. Probably a major leak. Currently I own the GSM version like many of you, and also own an iPhone on AT&T like many of you. The curious thing about the data plan for an ipad is the unprecedented pay-as-you-go option: I don’t need a contract with AT&T to use 3G. I would assume Verizon will attempt to make the same plan available for consumers.

    So, why wouldn’t I want a CDMA iPad? if coverage were better, and I don’t need a contract to be bought out, the option to buy one seems like a no brainer, even if I am an AT&T customer. If the iPad has all of the antenna types built in (doubt it), then will both carrier options be available on the same device? Making a consumer choose would certainly be the non-committal route for Apple, but doesn’t seem like their style. You get choices for storage, but not for how much you could pay. But making two completely identical versions of the iPad seems like a huge mistake for manufacturing purposes. It seems to complicate things more than they have to be.

    Perhaps a new partnership needs to be formed between AT&T in order to keep people using their data. You can pay $5-$10 additional dollars on your data plan and then use one login on each crevice to access AT&T data on both. Verizon may pull the same move.


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