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  • 06:01:56 pm on January 17, 2011 | 0
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    Black Swan was a great movie in some aspects. Natalie Portman played the role of Nina beautifully. She clearly showed her versatility as an actress. The role should definitely catapult her to new heights in her film career. The supporting cast was also pretty good — particularly with the company master played by Vincent Cassel (I remember him from Ocean’s Twelve). The story was gritty and jarring, pulling you in to make you want to know more about the twisted fantasy that Nina descends into.

    But the movie also had the usual Aronofsky twists. At the end of the movie, I found myself questioning a majority of it. Given that Nina is shown to get progressively insane, there are many scenes that one can second guess its reality in terms of the film. As a result, I find myself dissatisfied with the end result. My expectation for the movie was one of a thriller but grounded in reality. This movie took reality and turned it upside down. If you have the expectation that this is about a person who goes insane, you may end up enjoying it more. But for me, I was completely blindsided.

    This was not the case when I watched Pi or Requiem for a Dream. In these movies, I expected reality and got exactly that. The problem with movies depicting insanity is that you are forced to sit in the perspective of the protagonist in order to see the psychosis. To everyone else, Nina just looks confused and paranoid, but she is only trapped in her delusions. Using insanity as a MacGuffin is a double edged sword: the audience wants to know more about Nina’s dive into insanity, but they cannot decide what parts are her reality or not. This open ended questioning of a film is not uncommon, but I feel there are too many unsolved elements to the film in order for me to appreciate it for the story alone.

    But, it is worth saying once more that Natalie Portman played a brilliant role. Her performance alone makes the movie a definite must see.


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