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  • 02:32:30 pm on January 23, 2011 | 0
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    I’ve noticed a some new, subtle changes to the Facebook page:

    1. The URLs aren’t ridiculously long and the redirects make sense. Going to someone’s profile from someone else’s profile doesn’t add an additional PHP query tag; going to other pages from the home page doesn’t either. This really bugged me and it seemed that Facebook was hackishly coded.
    2. The “Live Feed” updates faster, and is more reliable. I am viewing the feed in Chrome, and posts are instantaneous. Good news, as this was another bother when it came to hitting “refresh”

    There are still some gripes I have with the experience. When someone posts on your wall, the notification should pop up, but it shouldn’t persist when I go straight to the page where I would see the result of that notification. So, if someone posts on my wall, I would logically head to my wall to look. At that point, the notification should disappear.

    Another issue is chat — possibly the most unreliable service Facebook has since the launch. The online status is unreliable, and people are popping in and out during the same conversation, even though they don’t mean to.


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