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  • 03:06:51 pm on February 26, 2011 | 0
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    I’m excited to see the next revision of Lion previewed to developers. Here are some notable changes:

    • Autosave/Resume: It seems that Lion machines are likely to shift with a small SSD to help speed up the boot process, as well as perhaps use as an additional RAM-like storage. Therefore, features like auto-save and resume are easy and functional. Resume looks particularly nice, but personally when I close a window I don’t expect it to just remain in the original state when I return. In fact, many times I don’t want that to be the case — Firefox and other web browsers still haven’t figured out how to speed up the process of re-opening 20 tabs that may have closed.
    • Mail 5: I love the new look of mail, and conversations look spiffy. Great thing is that Apple has kept the “classic view” option for those who don’t.
    • Airdrop: Really cool concept, and it actually doesn’t need the same wi-fi network o do this from what I hear. Very interesting idea. Perhaps it is using the Apple ID as a way to prove that you want to share your machine’s information.
    • No more “quitting”: Just like on the iPad, quitting an application is possible but a little un-intuitive. The same goes for this version, with application persistance.

    Overall, the OS is going to feel “lighter” and more flexible from the screen shots and features added. Hopefully the light feel also means solid performance boosts. It is interesting that while Apple puts in state-of-the-art hardware, they make their OS much more lightweight so it does not get in the way. Hopefully developers via the Mac App Store can take a cut from the same cloth.


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