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    Donald Trump is a brilliant businessman, but is also extremely loud spoken. Here’s a segment from the Today show where Trump talks about some of the high points of why he should be the next Republican candidate:


    Here are the key points:

    • Trump is rich. He wouldn’t come out with a round number of his net worth, but I’m going to guess in total cash + assets, he is sitting on $5 billion. That’s not a bad amount of money to run for President with. Not to say he’ll use his own money, but if he did then the argument of getting assistance from government officials would be wiped out.
    • He is against abortion
    • His family said he wants him to run, but as a way to “do service to the country”
    • He will not cut taxes, and he certainly won’t cut taxes from defense spending.
    • He seems to have an attitude of “Screw the rest of the world, let’s let the USA be the USA.”
    • He respects all of the other republican candidate hopefuls, and he particularly thinks Sarah Palin has gotten a bad rap.

    In all, he just spoke loudly, with confidence, and with assurance that he was correct. It is tough to argue against a guy who seems so dogmatic. But, if you look at the rest of the republican candidates, he probably will stand out as the favorite. In the end, politics is about how big your wallet is and how loud your promises are (keeping them is another thing).



  • Courtney 9:26 pm on April 19, 2011 | # | Reply

    And yet the man can’t run a business. He was 900 million dollars in debt from 1989-1997 which he filed for bankruptcy with his company AND personal bankruptcy. In 2008 he also had to have his company “Trump Entertainment Resort Holdings” file for bankruptcy and he resigned from the board.

    … We want another man who drives business into the ground to be President? We saw how well that worked with Bush.

    He thinks that Obama isn’t a resident of the United States (despite a newspaper, despite stories confirming it, despite Hawaii’s certificate of live birth, which is what you get in Hawaii after 2001) and he believes Sarah Palin is “ok” — the same woman who heads the extremist Tea Party?

    I already hate him because he’s a loud mouthed asshole so the last thing I want him to become is president.

  • Courtney 9:27 pm on April 19, 2011 | # | Reply

    Actually, I mis spoke, in 2004 he filed for bankruptcy, and in 2008 the company came out AS ‘Trump Entertainment Resort Holdings’ in which he is no longer the CEO after he resigned, but is on the board.

  • Tarun 11:49 pm on April 19, 2011 | # | Reply

    I think if you look at just the assets he has tried to hold onto with his buildings, he hit the same slumps as most everyone else — junk bond crisis in the 80s, and the recession of present day. He has multiple other business ventures, and his show on NBC is a big hit (not just because I”m a fan, I think it is actually doing pretty well to be renewed for quite a few seasons). In general, he still has numerous buildings erected in his name, gets numerous profits because of this, and overall knows the system very well to exploit it — which in the end is how the game is played. If you can survive bankruptcy effectively twice, you know how our screwed up economic system works.

    As for his comments about Obama, I agree they are quite ignorant. But in the end, so are some of the voters who will come out of the woodwork because of his name. He has simple objectives and lays them out clearly — something politicians are sometimes very poor at. This is why I say he’ll probably end up as a favorite in the republican party simply because a “common” vote will likely be garnered. But against a president who has proven himself and done some great work? He won’t stand a chance.

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