Donald Trump is a brilliant businessman, but is also extremely loud spoken. Here’s a segment from the Today show where Trump talks about some of the high points of why he should be the next Republican candidate:


Here are the key points:

  • Trump is rich. He wouldn’t come out with a round number of his net worth, but I’m going to guess in total cash + assets, he is sitting on $5 billion. That’s not a bad amount of money to run for President with. Not to say he’ll use his own money, but if he did then the argument of getting assistance from government officials would be wiped out.
  • He is against abortion
  • His family said he wants him to run, but as a way to “do service to the country”
  • He will not cut taxes, and he certainly won’t cut taxes from defense spending.
  • He seems to have an attitude of “Screw the rest of the world, let’s let the USA be the USA.”
  • He respects all of the other republican candidate hopefuls, and he particularly thinks Sarah Palin has gotten a bad rap.

In all, he just spoke loudly, with confidence, and with assurance that he was correct. It is tough to argue against a guy who seems so dogmatic. But, if you look at the rest of the republican candidates, he probably will stand out as the favorite. In the end, politics is about how big your wallet is and how loud your promises are (keeping them is another thing).